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Seasoned hotelier with extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, Galal Elkerdani currently owns and operates four bars and two restaurants in Egypt, with plans to expand in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and North America.




· Masters Degree in Hotel Management 

  Vatel Nîmes, France

· Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management 

  Vatel Nîmes, France

· Licence de Management du Tourisme

  Spécialité Hôtellerie Internationale 

  University Of Perpignan, France

· Diploma in Hotel and Tourism 

  Management - (IMI) 

  Lucerne, Switzerland

· High School Diploma

  McNeil High School, USA


The Tap

Founded in 2014,The Tap is an American-style entertainment & sports bar that aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience, energizing everyone with exceptional ambience, awesome comfort food and great all-week entertainment. It’s the perfect spot for after work meet-ups, chilled brunches or weekend partying, not to mention that it’s the only casual bar with three branches in Cairo. 

The Tap Experience


The Tap



· First Branch

· 250m2 

· Most Popular Expat Zone In Cairo

· Fully Equipped Stage

· Accommodates Up To 200 Guests

· Road 257, Maadi, Cairo



We aim to serve the best comfort food and the most exquisite beverages in town that are both appetizing and unique, while still catering to mass appeal.


Locations in Cairo



All of our cocktails use premium spirits and the finest liqueurs, bitters, juices and other ingredients. An indulgent bar set for people who truly appreciate fine cocktails.



Brunch & Cake was founded as Cup & Cake in 2010 as a shop and café serving primarily cupcakes, homemade bread, delicious sandwich, other pastries, high-quality coffee and other dessert items. In Barcelona the cupcakes boom had not yet been created, this inspired Manex to create a recipe with flavors that turned the Cup & Cake into the place to eat the best cupcakes in Barcelona. In 2011, the Company opened a Cup & Cake takeaway shop on Tallers street in the central Ciutat Vella district. A year later, the shop began offering frozen yogurt. Realizing the cupcake “boom” would eventually subside, the Company introduced additional menu items at its Cup & Cake café, including gourmet sandwiches, salads and other savory items. In 2012, the Company opened its first Brunch & Cake location to immediate success. Later that year, the Company’s founder Manex Susaeta undertook a research trip around the US as well as Europe (UK, Denmark, etc.) visiting pastry shops, gourmet food shops, cafés and restaurants. 


Do everything with the utmost love, respect and passion for being completely honest with the way of understanding life. We believe in our grandmothers philosophy: make absolutely everything by hand and slowly, with care.


• All our breads, cakes and bakery products are made by hand daily with no refined sugars and with stone-ground flours. We sweeten only using dates, banana or applesauce. As simple as that. That’s how we make our Ferrero Rawcher :)
• All our cupcakes, cake, muffins and cookie dough are 100% vegan with no added sugars or syrups. • Did you know that 90% of the açai on the market has added sugar and/or glucose? Not to mention vegetable milks... Ours is 100% pure and organic, just like our vegetable drinks and butters. • We don’t like labels, we love including everyone! We have very healthy dishes but also dishes to enjoy in a big way. Because it’s about having a good time and eating what you want, but ALWAYS knowing that what you are eating is natural, with no additives. • Feel like bacon? Great, we’ve got it, but it’s organic and nitrate-free. Want to go crazy with a slice of cake? Perfect! Our frosting has sugar, but you’ll be eating organic, unrefined sugar. At the end of the day, all we want is for you to eat natural food, nothing more. • Here, what you’ll be eating is quality. Love it or not, you won’t be consuming hormones, additives or flavor-enhancers that make everything seem better while hurting you inside. Our chistorra and our meats: animals raised outdoors in Euskadi (Basque Country), and in a quality way. • We love Insta! And we love making our dishes look better EVERY day, but quality comes first, then we make it beautiful. • We work with suppliers like Cárnicas Luismi, our strawberry woman from the Maresme, La Llibreria – people who love what they do, for whom good food is their life.


Brunch & Cake is a company that works with and for people. We use environmentally friendly and locally-produced goods. We are passionate about simple things made with the utmost care and the best products available.

OUR MISSION | Passion for executing simple ideas made with the utmost care and a quality that persists above all, having as main axis to enjoy every detail. In a place where quality and honesty are perceived with such a pleasant atmosphere that stimulates the senses and desire to share in a good environment. Always keeping in mind that eating well and clean, makes you feel better on the inside reflecting off.


OUR VISION | Settling as a benchmark for quality that lasts because it is young, for and for young people. With objectives of continuing to grow and differentiate naturally, creating a business thanks to people who identify with us or our brand and not at their expense. Sharing a passion with the public that involves great pleasure for food, travel and personal well being.


OUR VALUES | We are committed to the harmony between our team, products and clients. Eating clean and well makes us healthier, inside and out, with our values always present: Passion. Respect. Quality. Honesty.




Blue Marlin Ibiza

Glitzy, glam and everything you’ve ever heard about Ibiza’s club scene and more, the original Blue Marlin Ibiza – located on the pebbly shores of south coast hotspot Cala Jondal – is the undisputed king of Ibiza’s beach club scene, and it's coming soon to Egypt.

Being one of the most fashionable and entertaining beach lounge clubs in the world, it’s always worth arriving early to make the most of the day-to-night, open-air experience at Blue Marlin. With beats floating over the airwaves by day, toes start tapping on sunbeds and the beach before the restaurant even opens its chic terrace for lunch.

Increasingly becoming known as house music party destination, day clubbers can see some of the world’s best DJs gracing the decks throughout summer. After dancing all day, head indoors to the soundproofed mini-club where the party continues until dawn, leaving you just enough time to catch a wink of sleep before doing it all over again…